Every time we watch a movie. 

When you finally see them again
"Have you ever just missed someone so much that you feel physically sick, like you can feel your heart dropping and just wanting their love and affection but they also can’t really help much because you’re miles apart so you just cry yourself to sleep with a broken heart and an empty bed."
"Long distance isn’t cute. It’s hell and loneliness. I dream of your damn face every night but I never wake up beside it and all I do any more is text you at three a.m. and if that’s cute then pain and suffering is too."
-What I think of when you’re gone (via ellieisntbroken)

So what’s yourstar sign?

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it’s weird to think that everyone views you differently like one person might think you put the stars in the sky and another person could think you crawled out of the pits of hell and are here to drag them down with you